Over the past several years, TestOut has provided resources to help SkillsUSA with several state and regional competitions within the Information Technology Services, Internetworking, and Technical Computer Applications divisions.  This year, we would like the opportunity to assist with more SkillsUSA competitions.

We can offer:

  • TestOut Pro Certification exam for the hands-on portion (TestOut’s Pro Certifications are 100% performance-based which assesses students on real-world job skills utilizing robust hands-on simulations.)
  • Recognition on TestOut’s website (www.TestOut.com) for those passing the TestOut Pro Certification exam as well as a certificate
  • Use of TestOut’s Custom Exam for the written portion (Our Custom Exam Builder can pull from hundreds of questions within our LabSim client focused on the certification objectives, or add your own questions.)
  • Technical Support available during the competition
  • Access to TestOut courseware for the competitors and their advisors for 2 weeks prior to the competition so they can utilize the practice exams and get used to the way the simulations work
  • Immediate reporting of exam scores
  • Prizes (1st Place – choice of 3 LabSim courses, 2nd Place – choice of 2 LabSim courses, 3rd Place – choice of 1 LabSim course)
  • TestOut banners/posters to display

If utilizing TestOut’s comprehensive LabSim resources is something you see value in, please fill out the form and we will be in contact with you to move forward. 

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