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A few reasons instructors love IT Fundamentals Pro:

  • Builds confidence in beginning IT students
  • Fills in the gaps for students with stronger IT backgrounds
  • Takes less time to explain fundamentals in future courses
  • Ensures students pick the right IT Career Path moving forward
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Doyle McClellan

CNET & ELTN Coordinator at Lewis and Clark Community College

"IT Fundamentals Pro establishes the baseline level of understanding for all students in our Information Technology AAS degree. It is a great refresher that fills in the gaps for students with stronger backgrounds. More importantly, it is a perfect first step for those who are afraid IT will be too hard. Since adopting IT Fundamentals Pro, I rarely hear students express fear or self-doubt of our more advanced topics. I also find myself needing less time to explain technical fundamentals in the courses that follow."

Chris Johnson

Information Technology Faculty/Program Lead at South Piedmont Community College

“IT Fundamentals Pro is a great learning environment for students. It introduces the new students in our IT program to various areas of the IT industry, ranging from computer hardware to programming to cybersecurity. It provides an exceptional introduction that allows the new computer students to find what area of IT piques their interest, thus allowing them to better choose which pathway in our IT curriculum they wish to pursue."

Frank Lucente

Instructor at Westmoreland County Community College

"The learning materials presented by IT Fundamentals Pro are exactly what we were seeking for our students. The wide breadth of topics provide the student with an overview that not only explains what they will find in the field, but also provides numerous concepts they will need to understand. The labs and hands-on experiences provide strong glimpses into almost all aspects of IT. The career focus at the end of each topic gives valuable insights and can often help students decide on a career path. Best said, we feel that TestOut's IT Pro Fundamentals serves as the foundation for our computer program at Westmoreland County Community College."