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TestOut Free Classroom Access for K12 is an excellent way for teachers and students to use a complete TestOut course and experience the benefit of having training, practice, and certification prep all on the same platform.
**Free Classroom access is for new products or for instructors that have never used TestOut before.
Thank you TestOut for providing solid curriculum and study material for our students. My students have earned 115 certifications this year, all using TestOut products for their study material.
Roger Meinert
Cybersecurity & IT Instructor
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Top Selling Courses in K12


Each TestOut course comes with interactive lab simulations, instructional videos, visual text lessons, practice exams and cert prep. Plus, there are lots of resources to help teachers like auto-grading, assessment reports, lesson plans, course pacing guides, and more. TestOut courses can also build into different pathways for IT support, cyberpatriot, and system administration.

TestOut Digital Literacy Pro training course
Digital Literacy Pro

Curriculum to help teachers introduce their students to the basics of a wide variety of the latest technology and how to appropriately and effectively apply it in their daily life. Includes keyboarding, mobile technology, digital citizenship, and more!

Prepares for:
  • IC3
TestOut Pro Certified Microsoft Office Library training courses
TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Office Library

Includes three courses in one to train for Microsoft Office Specialist Associate and Expert exams.

  • TestOut Office Pro (covers MOS Associate Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook)
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel and TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word (covers MOS Expert content)
Prepares for:
  • TestOut Pro Certified Microsoft Office
  • MOS Associate Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • MOS Expert Word and Excel
TestOut IT Fundamentals Pro training course
IT Fundamentals Pro

IT Fundamentals Pro ignites student interest and opens pathways to careers and further education. With improving student outcomes as a top priority, this courseware allows teachers to focus on teaching while providing tools for assessing progress.

Prepares for:
  • CompTIA Fundamentals (FCO-U61)
  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals Pro)
TestOut PC Pro training course
PC Pro

PC Pro helps students gain experience with various technologies. Its recent updates align with CompTIA's newest A+ exam objectives. With over 110 interactive labs, students not only prepare for the certification exam but also gain job-ready skills.

Prepares for:
  • CompTIA A+ 1101 (Core 1) Exam
  • CompTIA A+ 1102 (Core 2) Exam
  • TestOut PC Pro
TestOut Network Pro training course
Network Pro

Network Pro helps instructors provide students with hands-on, experiential training and certification preparation using up-to-date, engaging content and simulated software tools valued by organizations looking for solid computer networking skills.

Prepares for:
  • CompTIA Network+ (N10-008)
  • TestOut Network Pro
TestOut Security Pro training course
Security Pro

Security Pro provides engaging content, hands-on experientaial training, and certification preparation on the latest security tools and techniques.

Prepares for:
  • CompTIA Security+ (SYO-601)
  • TestOut Security Pro

Resources to Help Teachers and Students

Teacher Tools
Everything you need to start teaching today
  • Access thousands of dollars worth of hardware & software in a simulated environment
  • Robust prep tools for certification exams
  • Customizable exams & reporting
  • Student learning activity tracking & progress reporting
  • Adaptable, all-in-one solution, ready to go
  • Fast setup, training, & LMS integration
  • Maps to industry exams and state standards with lesson & pacing plans
  • No extra textbooks, physical labs, resources, or downloads required
Student Tools
Boost grades, certify, and gain job skills
  • Multi-format training resources adaptable to their learning style
  • Abundant hands-on lab experiences that use industry job scenarios
  • Self-graded labs, exams, and certification practice exams with instant feedback
  • Includes TestOut's 100% performance-based certifcation voucher
  • Courseware access anywhere, anytime
  • Works on PC, Mac, & Chromebook
  • Shareable digital certification badge
  • $1,000 Skills Guarantee for employers



See what TestOut video instruction, interactive simulations, demonstrations, and text summaries are like.

Interactive Videos
"Teach Me"
TestOut Video Lesson

TestOut video instruction easily breaks down concepts into understandable pieces through multiple instructional methods. These methods include technology demonstrations, example illustrations, concept animations, and whiteboard discussions.

Videos can be used for instruction or as a supplement to in-class lectures. We provide text transcripts, closed caption options, and speed control so students can customize their learning experience.

"Show Me"
Text Summaries
"Let Me Read"
TestOut Text Summary

TestOut text lessons are supplemental to the videos and recap information and provide additional details to concepts already covered.

Lab Simulations
"Let Me Try"
TestOut Lab Simulation

TestOut's simulated environment is robust and lets your students do the work for themselves. Students will feel as if they are in a live environment, which will allow them to experience setup, configure, and manage IT hardware, operating systems, and software as if in the real world. We allow students to make mistakes, troubleshoot and reinforce what they are learning.

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