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In Information technology and MicroSoft Office

Teacher Access is an excellent way for teachers to dive into our IT and Microsoft Office courseware for free and see why so many other schools have adopted it.

Finding courseware that is just right for your classroom can be difficult. It is even more difficult to find a courseware and certification provider that will allow you to try it for free, but TestOut is offering that opportunity with free teacher access!

Teacher access is for:

  • Teachers that need courseware that can adapt with them. Our courses are adaptable for online, traditional, and hybrid learning models and can be used as your entire curriculum or as a supplemental resource.

  • Teachers that were thrown into a new class last minute. Many schools are unable to source a teacher who is a Microsoft Office or IT subject-matter expert, so if you aren't familiar with what you are teaching, we have you covered!

  • Teachers who are experts but are new to the content. We can train and show you what you need to know before classes start or even or during the semester.

  • Teachers who want a curriculum tool to assist them in the classroom. TestOut makes it easy for a non-technical teacher to adopt, deliver and teach Office courses. Our courseware can be used as your full curriculum in your classes, or it can be used to supplement and support what you are already teaching.

  • Teachers that want to increase their knowledge base. It's hard finding course materials that teach towards industry certifications- all while being free, so TestOut has put those together for you!

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