LMS Integration

Integration Setup
Integration Training Request

Our courseware has been developed to integrate with the industry’s most popular LMS (Learning Management System) platforms. We've developed step-by-step helps and resources to make the most of your TestOut courses using your school's LMS.

Whether you have need of requesting a new key and secret for adoption of a new LMS integration, or you are currently integrated and need additional training, please complete the form to the right and specify how we can help!

Note that multiple key and secret requests for the same school are unnecessary. Each school only needs one key and secret set, which do not expire.

Reference our LMS Integration support articles.

Technical Support: If you are already integrated and are experiencing unforeseen technical issues, such as error messages or missing scores, please reference our Knowledge Base, or contact Technical Support.

Note for Students: This request form is for LMS Admin, and instructor use only. If you are a student who needs course access, please reach out to your instructor.
Thank you!