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Network pro 6.0 Courseware

ISBN: 978-1-935080-43-5

This updated courseware provides 100% coverage of the new objectives for the following certification exams:

  • TestOut Network Pro
  • CompTIA Network+ (N10-008)

TestOut Network Pro 6.0 is now available for pre-release. The full release will be available on December 7th, 2021.

what's new in this update

CompTIA has updated the objectives of the Network+ (N10-008) certification. Network Pro helps prepare students to learn key networking fundamentals and demonstrate the knowledge learned throughout advanced lab simulations.

TestOut is dedicated to ensuring instructors and students have access to the latest certification training materials and certification practice exams.

Here is what's new in CompTIA Network+, covered in this course update:

  1. More Focus on New and Complex Network Architecture
  2. Greater Emphasis on Cloud Computing
  3. New Wireless Standards and Technologies
  4. Additional Emphasis on Security

This significant update covers 267 new objectives and sub-objectives in the CompTIA Network+ exam.

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What's been added to Network Pro:

  • 229 new questions,13 new video lessons, 22 new demos, 29 New text lessons, and 27 new hands-on labs to help students align their learning with CompTIA’s Network+ 008 exam. 
  • Teaching just got easier because we've removed much of the Cisco command-line tools and replaced them with engaging graphical user interface (GUI) simulations.  
  • TestOut has created a new office, dormitory, computer repair shop, and other home and business environments for students to test out their skills.  


Questions on the new Course?

If you have questions regarding the course, please contact your TestOut Sales Representative at 1-800-877-4889.