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This informative webinar is for educators who want to adapt to the industry trends in the rapidly changing IT world. You'll learn:
  • 5 critical IT industry trends you need to know regarding what’s expected of entry-level IT professionals
  • How CompTIA’s recently updated A+ exam objectives are responding to these trends 
  • The expanding skillset your students need for successful IT ops support careers
  • How to develop the soft skills your students will need for successful customer-facing interactions 
  • How TestOut’s tools and resources have adapted to help ensure students are ready to take on any organization’s operational challenges and more.
Hiring managers are looking for job candidates with less emphasis on hardware skills and more on computer systems and network management, troubleshooting, cloud, and effective IT operations. When your students apply for their first job, they’ll be expected to know how to use a variety of vendor-specific technologies.

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022, at 11:00 am MST to showcase the new updates to TestOut PC Pro. The release date is May 24th, 2022. Version 7.0 pre-release access is available now.

TestOut PC Pro is hands-on courseware that will help you provide more lab experiences to teach up-to-date IT operation support concepts in a networked environment optimized for structured learning. 

Fill out the form, go to or call 1.800.877.4889 to request access.

Jump to Talking Points:

00:00 Intro
02:20 CompTIA A+ objective changes over time
10:27 Trend #1 - Vendor-specific IT tools job candidates need to know
14:26 Trend #2 - Job candidates need effective troubleshooting skills
19:20 Trend #3 - Job candidates need to have a solid understanding of fundamental cybersecurity practices
25:00 Trend #4 – Job candidates need to acquire helpdesk, assets, and knowledge management skills
28:44 Trend #5 – Jobs candidates must possess professionalism and effective communication skills
35:21 PC Pro 7.0 - Overview of first-line instructional materials: Interactive video scripts, succinct fact sheets, and demos 
38:42 PC Pro 7.0 lab demo – Fix a Network Connection 2 with Issue
Trax support helpdesk management software
49:43 Q&A

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Lisa Shea - Lesson Plan

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